Touched by Untouchables £8.50
Click Here for Product Details! Pat Atkinson’s compelling story about her work with untouchables in India
The Norwich Theatre Royal: The First 250 Years £9.95
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Norwich Theatre Royal: The first 250 Years. This exciting book brings us the untold story of one of Britain’s oldest continually-running provincial theatres.

This history of Norwich’s wonderful Theatre Royal, encompassing the lives of so many who have devoted their professional careers to it, does a great service. Through the depth of its research it brings the past to life most meticulously. It is truly a labour of love, and I hope that as you read it you will be able to taste a flavour of how the lives of a great theatre and of a great city add richness to one another.
Dame Harriet Walters

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The Bingo Caller £8.50
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Nine tales of terror, tenderness and atrocity.

These beautifully observed stories take us from England’s fading seaside towns, through London’s bright and brittle media set, to darker, haunted places-where the characters we meet, must fight for existence in worlds beyond their control.

Tim Blackwell’s stories are like highly polished gems.They sparkle and entertain, but are never precious. From city streets to seaside towns, the tales he tells are witty, gritty and full of surprises.
Paul Burston, author The Gay Divorcee

Anna Hinderer: Pioneer Missionary £8.50
Click Here for Product Details! From the tranquillity of Victorian East Anglia to the turmoil of Ibadan, West Africa By Ann Meakin with a foreword by the Bishop of Norwich



The earliest inch-to-the-mile map of Norfolk in book form (map size A4) with an introduction by J.C. Barringer. Shows Norfolk largely before enclosure. Buy Now. 

THE LAWLESS COAST: Smuggling Anarchy and Murder in North Norfolk - Neil Holmes

A gripping account of the war between the smuggling gangs and the Customs and Excise men, based on documentary evidence. Murders at Old Hunstanton, ruthless violence in Thornham, and a difficult arrest in the back streets of King's Lynn followed by the trials of men who thought themselves above the law, make this an exciting read.  Buy Now

THE SEVENTEENTH CHILD - Ethel George, edited by Carole and Michael Blackwell 

An unrivalled piece of oral history describing the life of a large and poor family in Cavalry Street, Norwich, between the wars. Ethel is now 96 and some of her elder brothers fought in the Great War. She celebrates her mother's heroic struggle to keep the family respectable while father drank away too much of the family income. Buy Now


Written by a self-confessed 'anorak', this book will prove a vital contribution to the archaeology of Norfolk's many World War II airfields. For each airfield the author provides a brief history, a plan, an operational history showing which squadrons and planes flew there, and excellent photographs of the remains that can still be seen on site. Buy Now

IS THIS YOU, NURSE? - Brenda Sayle 

An honest, detailed and humourous account of how the author was trained as a nurse in the 1950s, first at the Norwich Hospitals, and then at Simpson's in Edinburgh. Illustrated with line drawings by the author. A truly evocative picture of pre-polythene nursing. Buy Now